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Marketing and Design team offers many combined years of creative design experience and excellent production skills. Marketing and Design is offered at no charge. We can plan your advertising strategy and create result oriented ads that ultimately will bring more sales and an increase in profit to your business. Our objective is to provide you with an accurate and successful ad campaign that creates name and brand awareness.


We can accommodate all of your design needs. We can take digital pictures, scan photographs and artwork or provide just the right elements for your ad from our large database of photographs and art.


When your ad is completed by our team of professionals we will provide you with a hard copy to make changes and corrections.


For any additional questions please contact one of our sales representatives.


Extra Services Price List


Logo design:
$100.00 flat fee for up to 3 hours of design time, $30 /hour thereafter
Brochure/Ads for other publications:
$50.00 flat fee for up to 2 hours. $25.00/hour thereafter
Ad on disc for personal use: $10.00 fee
Copy of picture for personal use $10.00 fee
Provide display ad to another publication $75.00 fee
Ad resized/changed plus hardcopy $10.00 each
Ad PDF on ids or emailed $10.00 each
Ad resized/changed plus PDF on disc or e-mail $15.00 each
Artwork on disc or email $10.00 each
Pre Print Inserts:
Maximum insert size – 8.5” x 11” folded

$30 per thousand to insert

The Nickel can also accommodate all of your printing needs

Let us give you a quote.


Ad Specifications

Deadlines:  Display Advertising 3:30 pm on Monday

In the event of a Monday holiday, ad copy will be due at 4:30pm Friday, unless otherwise specified.  Other holiday and special section deadlines will be determined on an individual basis. 


Any ad copy that is received without all the elements to build your ad will be held back and not designed until all ad copy or art is received.  Any large, or complicated ad will need to be turned in as early as possible.

Corrections/Changes:  11:00 am Monday

Please submit all changes and corrections to your sales representative.

Ad E-Mail Procedures – Ad Copy:  5:00 pm Friday

Ad copy should be e-mailed to your account representative.  Look under the contact page for individual e-mail addresses.   The graphic department does not accept ad copy or art.  Please contact your sales representative with any questions concerning ad copy.

Copy Ready:

Copy-ready means the ad is built to size, is the correct color, correct dpi and is a PDF file. 

Art Work: 

All artwork should be sent as a TIFF, EPS or high quality JPEG file.  All artwork and copy-ready ads should no less than 180 dpi.  Anything less cannot be guaranteed to print at acceptable quality or even to be usable.

Color Ads: 

Full color and spot color copy-ready ads must be in CMYK. Spot color copy ready ads are not guaranteed to separate correctly. Please speak to the graphic department if any questions arise regarding spot color.

Information and Disclosures

The Nickel reserves the right to edit, reject, revise, correctly classify or cancel any advertisements at any time.  The subject matter, form, size wording, photography and typography  of all advertising are subject to the approval of the Publisher.  Receipt of copy and/or payment does not determine acceptance for publication. 

The advertiser assumes full liability for the content of all advertising and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher from all claims, suits and related costs arising by reason of any advertising.

The Nickel reserves the right to include the word “advertisement” in advertisements that, in the judgment of the Publisher, might be mistaken as editorial material.

Column Size Chart – Maximum Height : 13 “


Columns (width)
1 9p10 1.646
2 20p6 3.417
3 31p1 5.187
4 41p9 6.958
5 52p4 8.729
Half Front 25p9x54 4.302x9
Half back vert 25p9x78 4.302x13
Half back hor 52p4x38p6 8.729x6.417
Promo 25p9x38p6 4.302x6.417
Doubletruck 110p9x78 18.458x13



Ad package begin as low as $11.00 per week. 


Display rates as  low as $6.30 pci


Internet rates as low as $75 monthly

Ask about Flyerboard!

Please call The Nickel for an adverting package that will create market awareness for your business and at the same time maximize your advertising dollar.  Also ask about any special promotions that may be taking place in a given month along with any special sections that may target a specific segment of the market.

Klamath Falls Nickel

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