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The Klamath Falls Nickel has been a consistent and integral part of the community since its first publication as a FREE weekly shopper newspaper in August of 1981. Since that time the Nickel has grown from a small 8 page shopper to a 24 page plus shopper newspaper. It continues to be FREE to the public at hundreds of locations throughout Southern Oregon and Northern CA.

The Klamath Falls Nickel publishes and is distributed once a week every Thursday with a total free distribution of 17,500. You will find the Klamath Falls Nickel not only throughout Klamath Falls basin but in areas such as Dorris, Tulelake, Chiloquin, Chemult, Bonanza, Keno, Midland, Merrill, Malin, Dairy, Macodel, Mt Hebron, Beatty, Bly, Lakeview and Alturas.

In addition to our weekly edition we also have monthly specialty publications that will help you target a specific audience. You can view many of these specialty publications on line as well as the print version which is inserted into the Nickel

The Nickel's popularity and importance in the community was confirmed in a recent June 2009 survey conducted by the Circulation Verification Council. This is a random survey based on the Klamath Falls basin residents and it confirmed that 100% of the people surveyed said they read the Nickel weekly. Since the shelf life of the Nickel is one week, it was noted that many people in the same household read this publication. Also, over 76% percent of the respondents said they purchased products or services from ads in the Nickel weekly.

The Nickel is the marketplace of the community. It works. Let it work for YOU!

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Klamath Falls Nickel

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